Fox Morgan

Tech Editor - Marine

Hailing from that well known seafaring port of Chesterfield and brought up with a family of engineers, Fox Morgan is an STCW, GMDSS and YM Ocean qualified maritime professional as well as NCTJ qualified photojournalist since 1997. On the water, they go by the name Captain Flashheart.

Having been on and around boats for 40 years, they've covered countless thousands of miles on practically every type of boat available, from sailing dinghies to RIBS, coastal sculling boats, flybridge cruisers, superyachts, quarter-tonners and sailing yachts of all sizes, plus the odd tug boat and windfarm vessel. Also having been fortunate/unfortunate enough (depending on the impending doom and circumstance) to have tinkered with more boats, engines, rigs and marine paraphernalia than you can shake a storm-jib at.

They've owned the current yacht, a 1989 Dehler 36, since 2009, races long distance (for fun) and also lives on it when it's not broken from off-shore shenanigans. A fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Morrison's doughnuts and small chihuahua sized dogs (because, they say they're really portable).