Toy of the Month: U Boat Worx Super Sub – faster than a cruising dolphin

A speedy new submersible, the U Boat Worx Super Sub, allows billionaires to keep up with the fishes as well as the Joneses

I don’t think anyone works more tirelessly to sate the needs of the poor beleaguered megayacht billionaire than U Boat Worx and now they have delivered again with the new U Boat Worx Super Sub.

U Boat Worx develops personal submarines that enable wealthy clients to dive without getting their feet wet. The mighty U Boat Worx Nexus allows up to nine of them to dive together in one submarine but the company wanted to provide something smaller and nimbler, thus the new Super Sub.

Modestly billed ‘the world’s fastest private submersible’, the headline news is 100 kW of thrust, enough to more than triple the top speed of the average submersible.

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The Super Yacht Sub 3 model, for example, tops out at three knots whereas the U Boat Worx Super Sub winds out to 10 knots, faster than a cruising bottle nosed dolphin!

It can also ascend and descend at inclines of up to 45 degrees while executing ‘rapid banking turns, ensuring agile and swift underwater manoeuvrability’; sounds like fun!

The Super Sub can reach speeds of up to 10 knots under water

The maximum operating depth of the Super Sub is an impressive 300m and to ensure it can always resurface no matter what, a large drop weight can be manually released so that the sub floats back up due to its natural buoyancy.

A minimum of 96 hours of life support provides further reassurance for those aboard.

U Boat Worx Super Sub specifications

LOA: 650 cm
Width: 327 cm
Height: 214 cm
Engines: 4 X 25 kW + 2 X 6 kW
Battery: 62 kWh
Depth: 300m
Occupancy: 2 passengers + 1 pilot
Weight: 9,000 kg
Price: €5.2 Million


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